Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today is my Birthday

by Pat Darnell

When I was just about on my last breath, and I had my last nerve rubbed the wrong way by "Northerners"... after eight years of running in place in sand;

I picked up a paint brush and an old canvas board I had lying around for ten years, and painted this scene.

Sorry to be your buzz kill on my special day, but that is the way I look at birthdays. Usually the day is fraught with too numerous memories.

This little "chicken scratch" painting has a great deal of symbolism... that probably I am the only soul who will ever really see the symbols...

I do have a birthday wish for all who are in the range of my voice: "Get enough sleep, and be happier."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick H. Darnell.
You are 54, whatever that means. Why not measure your journey by the number of paintings you have yet to paint? Thus, you are 1,239 today.

We honor you today for your creative work. The 3 living canvasses you have created and the many strokes and colors you have added to your friends' eclectic lives. You enhance neo-classics like me, you add perspective to your byzantine friends, tone down the Rococos, give coherency to the abstracts who can't explain themselves and, last but not least, you impute value and sing praises to the masterpieces of children.
You, sir have been the fourth dimension to many peoples' efforts to create their own art.
Amen and catch that fly!

Your appreciative art student,

d2r2 said...

Can't add anything here (you wax eloquent RC) except a Happy Birthday to Brudder!
Aloha, shalom, ciao and Amen. dpd

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I remember both of you today. And if a old crusty soul like me is able to feel warm fuzzies... consider it a thank you for letting me in your lives.

The fly is M-I-N-E: you better be lining me up for home plate...