Thursday, May 28, 2009

Repeating Themes

by Pat Darnell

After many years I have become clinically aware that I repeat ocean going vessels scenes many times.

At one time I was doing a batik technique, that here in this study turned out sort of like a scratch board.

This is a study in how to put ink over water color, or gauche, and then rub it back. I really like doing this, and will make a mental note to get back to it.

It is done on paper, maybe butcher paper, and dry mounted to foam board.

Do you know what is totally crazy about these old sketches and things? When I did them I thought that they would eventually go away... disintegrate. Then they appear again, in a stack of stuff that someone has kept, forgotten and rediscovered... thus is the stuff of our art -- the state of our art.

I used to draft plans for prospective projects, mostly housing and stores. I easily did 200 or more a year on average. Every one of those "interpretations" has my initials or name on it. Now that is scary.

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