Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Studio: Artist's Winsome Dreaming

Wickedly Sublime
by Pat Darnell

Response to: Carol Marine's Painting a Day: Yellow Splash

"...Someone else asked when my studio will be done. I honestly don't know, but we hope..."

In response to studios: I often tell myself that when I finally have my "dream" studio, I will be sleight of vision and hand, and possibly have only weeks left to live.

After a lifetime of crawling on floors, hiding in attics, freezing in garages, stumbling around in backrooms, fighting dust balls, tumble weeds, bad light, and birds, insects, mice and snakes...

...I have to tell others that a studio is a dream notion I may never realize in my lifetime, and as it is to most of us... it is always in "the works."

The last real studio I ever worked in was at Trinity U, in the early 70's... Yikes!

Life has taken many turns and a studio has never been a "family priority.." for my bunch. Why do I say this? Almost every artist I have pleasure to talk with says "my studio is almost finished..."

Thanks for sharing that studio note there, CM. I sense, and appreciate, the irony of the statement.


Christina said...

This kinda sounds like the state of my little apartment - never has it been the way I want it to be, and tho I'm always trying, it just doesn't get there...writing, lingering over meals (or coffee), watching Bones, Criminal Minds,or Boston Legal - all more important!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I am always shocked, but not unforgiving of testaments like that, C-gurl.

I have been diagnosed though, -- and have complete confidence in your abilities, feeling no more or less anxious for your ans our condition.

We are in conference agreement; Your writing, lingering and watching is similar to but not limited to, my moopig-ness Herding, Grazing, and Wallowing?
Always love to see your comments here. pdnf

d2r2 said...

I've tried to paint but I paint like I pick dewberries, a little here some over there...never finish a spot. If I weren't in a battle to escape the "Seven Deadlies" I'd be envious of painters and artists. As 'tis I'm merely awestruck by your abilities, wish Godspeed on your next canvas. A tip of the hat to you also Garnet Girl.

Christina said...

d2, your attempts at painting sound very much like how I do...well, used to do jigsaw puzzles...OK, so it was only one time! and pretty much the whole thing is in a box in a bag somewhere around here...next stop, the trash!