Monday, March 16, 2009

We were looking for..

In the name of NASA Spinoff we were looking for a new paint medium.. with space age qualities. We found this one:
This safe, easy to use insulating, powdered additive will add heat reflecting properties to the paint dramatically reducing heat transfer into or out of your home. You stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The thermal and acoustical comfort within your home is improved AND you Save Money on your heating and cooling bills each and every month, year in and year out!

Hy-Tech insulating additive for paint will add insulation properties to any type or brand of Interior or exterior house paint, roof paint, wall paint, ceiling paint, industrial paint, ANY paint, oil base or latex.

rolling upon each other, thus allowing the coatings to flow more easily.

Conventional paint pigments are sharp edged and pack down loose as the paint film dries leaving paths for heat to pass through.
The jagged edges also make for a rough surface which grabs dirt and soils easily.
The ThermaCels ceramic microsphere blend creates a tightly packed dried film with minimal paths for heat transfer resulting in very efficient thermal barrier.
The hard ceramic shell resists dirt.

HY-TECH Insulating Paint Additive
Makes Paint Insulate
Lower Your Utility Bills...
Improve Your Comfort...
"Home Insulation with the Stroke of a Brush "

One single ceramic microsphere is so small that it looks to the naked eye as if it is a single grain of flour, (slightly thicker than a human hair). This tiny "bead" has a wall thickness about 1/10 of its diameter, a compressive strength range of 6500 - 60,000 psi, a softening point of about 1800° C. Insulating ceramics are fairly chemical resistant with a thermal conductivity of 0.1 W / m / Deg.C and they are non combustible.
The hollow interior is a vacuum and physics law states that nothing can move by conduction through a vacuum, since it represents an absence of matter.
In effect it is a miniature thermos bottle... a microscopic hollow vacuum sphere that resists thermal conductivity and suppresses sound.

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