Saturday, March 14, 2009

Subject: Line Drawings

BlogNod-Roots Music and Fret Logic | [HERE]

Very recently, started a new category called “BlogNod”.

Leap Year | Pribek says: "A while ago, I had a conversation with Pat Darnell about a theory that I have. Over the years, I have noticed a clear connection between musicians (guitar players in particular) and a thought process that goes far beyond music talk and enters the realm of real, accessible philosophy. Pat came up with this original artwork as a result of that conversation.

So, when I feel the urge to point out evidence of that guitar/life philosophy/logic connection, I will use this image as a sort of mile marker.

And, if any of you find yourselves calling attention to examples of “Fret Logic”, feel free to use this artwork to signify. I’m sure Pat would be delighted if you did."

YEP ! Sure enough... you'se!

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