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Try Not to worry about Colors in your Painting
mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 23, 2013  |   Bryan TX

Transhumanism Archives - : "Of the vast wavelengths that span the electromagnetic spectrum, humans can see a mere 2.3%. Rainbows? They’re just a fraction of the real picture. We’ve crafted abstract theories to understand x-rays, radio, microwaves, and gamma rays. But how much more advanced would humanity be if we could perceive the other 97.7% of reality?"

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For years I have told to whoever would listen, "Don't worry about colors when you paint!" I admit it is one very sarcastic comment. But truth is that color is not what it might have been in the days when oil painting was begun. Mixing pigments with a suitable medium to get a proper blue, or a proper yellow was time consuming and expensive. A painter might have to hire an assistant to just grind pigments all day for him.

Today oil colors come in every tint and hue, and premixed, and in handy tubes. You want a specific chartreuse -- hey, go to Dick Blick web site and there it is. Buy it and ten more colors for a low price? So you see color is not the issue the founding painters had. We are given a gift of color. And we can reinvent color, as the article above describes.

The reason I say don't worry about color, is because some painters psych themselves out about which color, and fail to start their painting. You all know that once you start, you will work like a slave to finish, right?


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