Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Artists + Digital Technology = Bold New Ways of Engaging Viewers

"In the future, the art world will be even more liberated to make use of all the media around us-because artisis have this passionate curiosity and ceaseless desire for new ideas.

By 2050, you're going to see a new leadership equation emerge based on what happens in the art world. Traditionally, decisions have been made by political and corporate leadership. In the future, creative individuals-artists, architects and designers-are going to be making major decisions having to do with how we shape our society, and especially in the world's urban environments, since by 2050 the majority of people will be living in cities.

Ultimately, entirely new types of artists will also emerge from all of this. Artists are, at heart, opportunity-seekers who transform the world around us. they give me tremendous optimism. I believe the future is unknowable, but it is not unthinkable."

Excerpt from "Smithsonian 40th Anniversary" issue-40 things we need to know about the next 40 years. I would recommend this read for anyone who still does.

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