Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chicago Forest Preserve, off River Road

by Pat Darnell

Remember just a few months ago? Well it will be back soon.

I lived in Chicago area for many years, long enough to get a real feel for beauty, and ugliness, of snow fall and Spring melt season.

Sometimes on the actual day of Easter, it would snow all night with big flaky flakes, and create the most beautiful scenery.

Des Plaines River, Oil on antique linen, damaged antique frame from a garage sale,

Today is my brother Dave's Birthday. Happy Birthday Dave.


d2r2 said...

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. I love you all and wish we were together more to celebrate these "passings of time".

Have you all noticed what a fantastic job Pat does with trees? I've always enjoyed the winter look of foliage. You get to see the structure of the plant when it is bare. He really captures that from Ledbetter to Chicago to London to Outer Space. Another nice thing is a snow scene when it's 100 degrees in Texas. The sky is so big and blue and hot it scorches your imagination. I actually saw an egg someone dropped outside the HEB. It was frying on the sidewalk, sunny side up.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Well, that isn't too kosher is it now?