Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cleaning my Brushes: Old Water Tower

Oil on Canvas Board is not recommended. I agree. But sometimes it is the only thing laying around. You can try to make it work... but it does not dry properly. Second fault on this one -- In frame: with glass over it... not recommended.

True color out from under glass...

Oh well, deep subject....


Christina said...

Actually, depending on one's 'decor', both of these paintings have a lot going for them, color-scheme wise...if I had to choose...hmmm...I can't!!

Really nice work, Patrick.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Christina, I would like to make you an official Palikir of mine. I do not know the feminine of that term... but it is a good thing, if you accept.

It means a lot to several of us curmudgeons... and you have worked so hard in your challenging blog.. well you have to decide if I add up to being yours. So think it over; take your time.

Thanks for your kind words. I do think the next decor palette is going to be drab greens, and brownish sea foam, and accented with chartreuse... so I am changing my palette in the next group of paintings.

This little painting, 9x12, is very much primary colors, RYB. Marinell loves this little picture of old stones, BTW. You have a fung shei edge, do you? You plus she makes me decisive... thanks.